Luxury Custom Design & Build

A true luxury custom designed home combines the function you need together with the look you love, and is perfectly suited to your individual lifestyle.

At Essa, we will work with you to ensure your new home has just the right balance of style and functionality that will see your dream become a reality.

Each of our luxury homes are one-off, unique designs. Speak with one of Essa’s experienced team members to discuss a design and the overall vision for your dream home.

Zanzibar Chandelier

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Our 3 Step Approach

Our 3 step approach outlines our responsibilities to ensure all aspects of the project delivery, including costs and deadlines, are fulfilled to your satisfaction.
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  • Initial consultation
  • Project brief
  • Site analysis of property
  • Environmental and sustainable considerations where possible to promote a “green” solution
  • Draft scope of works
  • Sketch planning
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Design & Development

  • Conceptual and detailed design options
  • Detailed project specifications
  • Cost planning
  • Prepare documentation and drawings for approval by council and a private certifier
  • Formal quotation and signing of HIA construction contract
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  • Construction planning
  • Budget control and reporting
  • Project management
  • Occupational health and safety compliance
  • Quality control
  • Regular client meetings and correspondence
  • Dedicated foreman
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7 Things You Should Know Before Building a Custom Home

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